About GoBurgh

GoBurgh is an initiative of the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG), a coalition of 40 nonprofit community-based organizations and their core partners dedicated to the revitalization of urban neighborhoods through neighborhood, regional, and banking policy and advocacy.

GoBurgh exists as part of PCRG’s Regional Policy program and as such acts as a convener of organizations and communities in the Pittsburgh region, working toward sustainable and vibrant transit infrastructure. With a rich knowledge base, extensive research backed data and information on transit-oriented issues, GoBurgh is the leading non-partisan voice on transit for this region. GoBurgh brings a community-oriented voice to transportation planning, integrates transportation and land use policies, and leverages transportation assets as community revitalization and economic development tools. GoBurgh also monitors and works with local, regional and state government agencies to ensure smart and equitable legislative policy development. 


GoBurgh has three primary goals:

  • Make transit-oriented development (TOD) a priority throughout southwestern PA to connect communities to opportunity

  • Develop innovative local finance mechanisms that fund new transit starts through land development

  • Create a growing local source of capital and operating funds to stabilize transit and help it thrive


Organized in 1988 to provide a coordinated response to disparities in mortgage lending in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, PCRG has since grown to become a nationally recognized leader on issues of equitable access to credit and repurposing of land in urban areas. With its successful track record of tackling difficult issues, PCRG established GoBurgh to address the needs and interests of the many organizations and communities interested in community-focused transit planning, TOD and transit funding issues.

Since 2009, GoBurgh’s has worked to pool the collaborative expertise of multiple stakeholders, spanning the breadth of public, private and nonprofit sectors throughout the region to improve mechanisms and policies driving increased TOD and transit investment in urban areas. Most recently, GoBurgh has launched its Transit YES! initiative to help increase awareness and education regarding transit funding as a long-term issue requiring new and innovative approaches.


Chris Sandvig Breen Mascriotra

Regional Policy Director Regional Outreach Manager

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